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Meet the Artist: Tesse

Painting in Nature: This can be very relaxing and freeing. Would you try it?

Tesse is an impressionist artist who loves to use the landscape in order to pull colors or the land into her art. She also incorporates, images from her homeland in Jamaica to bring out specific colors and themes of her art work. In this picture, she painted the Church in Jamaica that she knew as a young girl. Using all of nature around her and pulling from her prior experiences is where she allows her creativity to come to life. For more artwork from Tesse view subscribe and read her blogs.

Coffee's Quality Heightened B The Fruit Of Many A Labor

Grampa Manny's Coffee Walk was really called so by out foothills of the Blue Mountain folks.

Caught on a ledge it situated quite happily below the main road and above the gurgling rapids of The Hope River.

Ringed by Ping Wing Macca and it's cousin Cowboy Pine and others were a galore of coffee plants, well-tended and laden with berries. Amassing to an area of three ball fields of really excellent arable lands. It boasted an orchard with beehives, Hairy Mango, breadfruit and orange trees, an herb and vegetable garden, and also donkeys and goats.

Neighbors treated this plot of land sacred as they made their way to the Bathing Hole by the river. Deterred from trespassing I've always supposed by four factors. Firstly the treacherously steep and painful drop you could suffer from trying to enter from the road. The really narrow path to the river that was heavily thorn-laden on both sides, ping wing one side and the quite nasty Macca Fat the other. Thirdly underlining the riverside end of the plot were the contortions of the many swift rapids. These plunged endlessly around or over huge boulders, with some forming waterholes that any error in crossing could well be your last.

The many beehives and Hairy Mango controlled this fourth side, sweeping upwards into endless pines, insurmountable boulders, cho cho harbors and the usually locked gated back entrance to Grampa Manny's and Mother Vi's house. Of course, the formidable cow itch roaming freely throughout the property, their exact location known only to the family was the fourth deterrent. No one, and I meant absolutely no one, ever wanted to make the mistake of encountering cow itch.

And so from this coffee grove's rich and cultured yield of high-quality coffee, many folks home and abroad were able to share in coffee drinking.

And as Grampa Manny always said " whenever you cultivate your field you must share with the insects and the birds above and below the earth, with folks and our neighbors, even with the thieves for as custodians of the earth we're only here to help take care of it


Artist & writer: Tesse

Writer for Ovellecoffee

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