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Bring a Bit of Jamaica to your Door

Our mission is to provide premium coffee to all our customers. We believe that once you taste the smooth, sweet flavor of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, your everyday coffee experience will never be the same. 

Through our Direct Trade with the Jamaican Coffee Growers Association, we enusre fair wages and high quality coffee. And each order is roasted fresh so that you can be certain you are getting the best, from Crop to Cup!

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About Us

Our Destination Wedding & The Blue Mountains called us to Jamaica

Ovelle Coffee was inspired by an eventful stay and joyous destination wedding on the foot of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, our lives were forever changed by the revelation that our family had land and history in the heart of the world's best coffee growing region. While touring a coffee farm during our stay, we hiked to the top of the Blue Mountains, we peered out to the banana trees shading the coffee plants below and marveled at the sight. Picturesque blue sky and unending shades of green took our breaths away. At the end of the tour and 2 lbs of the world’s rarest coffee we knew that we found something special. After we tied the knot, we soon realized that we had to bring this revered coffee to our community. 


Craft and community is what comes to mind when we think of Ovelle Coffee.  That is why we decided to do something that many would consider a dream, we started our own coffee business. Coffee is not your average small business, for us it is an exciting challenge. An opportunity to wake up every morning with a cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain and an opportunity to start our day.  Here at Ovelle Coffee we believe that the everyday choices of coffee have a large range, which is why we provide the best options for you to choose.


Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is alkaline, rare, and carries a host of health benefits. I[Sasha] went toward an Alkaline lifestyle because I was at risk of diabetes for 5 years in a row. When I started this journey, I stopped drinking coffee for a year before our destination wedding. While on the coffee farm, I found out that JBM was the only natural Alkaline coffee so at that point I knew that it was the only coffee for me.  As we all know health is wealth! 


Quality and health are not the only aspects of Ovelle Coffee, community is always top of mind. We remain active in the community through our volunteer efforts and when you buy a bag of Ovelle Coffee, we donate a portion of our profits to the non profits in the community. We want to change the way people view coffee not as just another delicious coffee but as a community creator. It is a time where you can commune with someone virtually or in-person, a time to have conversation and community with one another making it sacred. Please join us as we celebrate everyone!

Thank You For Your Support!


Sasha & Ian Fay
Co- Founders