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Share in what Ovelle Coffee has been up to. As we grow and share the joy of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee with our community, we want to share with you what Ovelle is all about.

Ovelle Coffee's Feature 

Ovelle Coffee x Hartford Courant


Photo By Brad Horrigan

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

Sasha Fay says that when her then-fiancé Ian suggested that they explore a coffee plantation in her parents’ native Jamaica (while there for their destination wedding in 2019), she initially squashed the idea. 

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Photo By Brad Horrigan

The Namesake

The couple co-founded Ovelle Coffee in June 2020, using Sasha’s middle name to brand their company. Though never involved in commercial coffee production, Sasha’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents have all brewed coffee for themselves from local Jamaican beans.

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Photo By Brad Horrigan

Jamaican Heritage

"As I connect and learn about my heritage, I want to bring it to a larger community,” says Sasha. “People know about reggae, about the music of Jamaica, but not many know about the quality cup of coffee from Jamaica.

Charity Event for Children dealing with tragedy

Ovelle Coffee x Friends of Feeney


Coffee Cupping

Ovelle Coffee x J. René Coffee Roasters