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Share in what Ovelle Coffee has been up to. As we grow and share the joy of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee with our community, we want to share with you what Ovelle is all about.

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Our founder Sasha Fay recently spoke with Renee DiNino of iHeart Radio about the nuances of international coffee importation and how it impacts sustainable farming. We believe in the importance of education when it comes to coffee, from seed to cup, and are committed to sharing our knowledge with our community. We take pride in our partnerships with farmers and are dedicated to ensuring that they are paid fair wages for the incredible work they do. Learn more about our values and approach by listening to the full interview with Sasha and Renee.

Direct Trade vs. Fair Trade

Monday June 12, 2023,  I had the opportunity to call in and discuss the difference between Direct Trade and Fair Trade on the Colin McEnroe show. It was quite an experience as the first time on live radio! The impact of Direct Trade makes a difference as it goes beyond Fair Trade to make a genuine connection with the farmers to provide a living wage for the beloved coffee we consume Jamaica Blue Mountain. So we wanted to share this message with Connecticut and we did!

Click the play to watch the reaction video.

The Origin Trip

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News 8 features Ovelle Coffee

Ovelle Coffee Company: Sustainable Blue Mountain Brew

Sasha and Ian Fay first met in a philosophy class at Central Connecticut State University in 2011 it was love at first sight. Years later, they stayed on the beautiful island of Jamaica in the Blue Mountains before getting married. At the time, although she is of Jamaican descent, Sasha had never heard of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. But she was soon to become fascinated by its rich history.


Ovelle Brings Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to Connecticut

Business ownership is a true love story for Sasha and Ian Fay. In 2019, the couple fell in love with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee when they were in Jamaica for their destination wedding. A year later, they decided to bring the distinctive coffee to Connecticut and they launched their startup Ovelle Coffee.