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Where are your beans from?

They are grown in the Clydesdale region of St. Andrew's parish, one of the oldest Blue Mountain areas to grow coffee. Of Typica variety, these beans are harvested on the rocky slopes of the mountain between 4-5000 ft above sea level.

Why is Blue Mountain so expensive?

The main reason for the expensive nature of Blue Mountain is because it is so scarce but also so desired. With little more that one million pounds produced each year and a full eighty percent going to a single market, Japan, JBM is not easy to obtain.  However, Its unique flavor profile, smoothness, and almost total lack of bitterness make it well worth the cost.

Which payment methods does Ovelle Coffee accept?

Ovelle Coffee accepts credit and debit cards. We also accept paypal as well.

Does Ovelle Coffee accept returns?

Due to Covid 19 we currently are not accepting returns of items purchase. Thank you. Please contact us for any further questions.

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