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Rarity meets Jamaica's Finest Coffee to hit your palate. Smooth velvety chocolate taste in your mouth will bring back the best of nostalgic memories. From the indistinguishable notes to the rarity of the coffee bean you will have joy in every sip.


Medium Roast

16 oz/1 lb

Notes: Chocolate | Floral | Stone Fruit


**Due to the rarity of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, at this time we are only allowing 2 bags in a single order.**

1lb. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

  • 1.) Bring 300ml of water to a boil and let stand for 1 min

    2.) Grind 17g (2 tbsps) of coffee to medium-coarse

    *wet the filter in a dripper or Chemex then pour out excess water

    3.) Add coffee grounds to the filter and gently tap it to level surface grounds

    4.) Pour enough water to cover grounds. When the water has stopped dripping, pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

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