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Jamaica Blue Mountain & Tanzanian coffee blended to perfection. Your palate will be bursting with notes of Brown Sugar, Red Currants and Chocolate.


We created the Studio 85 Espresso blend in honor of entrepreneur, Owen E. Savage, who encouraged Co-founder Sasha Fay to go after her passion for business and community, which blossomed into Ovelle Coffee.


Flavor Profile:

Chocolate | Brown Sugar | Red Currants


Roast Level:

Espresso Roast

12 oz

Studio 85 Espresso Blend

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  • 1.) Bring 300ml of water to a boil and let stand for 1 min

    2.) Grind 17g (2 tbsps) of coffee to medium-coarse

    *wet the filter in a dripper or Chemex then pour out excess water

    3.) Add coffee grounds to the filter and gently tap it to level surface grounds

    4.) Pour enough water to cover grounds. When the water has stopped dripping, pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!

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