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The Impact of Women in the Coffee Industry

25 Million rural households are supported by the coffee industry in tropical countries. And among those 25 million homes, up to 70% of that labor is provided by women, this according to the International Coffee Organization. On the other end, 20-30% of farms are female-owned. Hence, 5 million of the 25 million coffee producers worldwide are women. Coffee is an opportunity for sustainability, equity and fair wages for longevity. What we find special about the Specialty Coffee Industry as opposed to its predeccessor the Commercial Coffee Industry, is the impact that one can have directly on the livelihood of the farmers. Many don’t know but Direct Trade pays farmers up to 2x more than Fair Trade and brokers in-turn creating a higher quality products. With you, dear reader, being part of our mission, we can use our Direct Trade to directly challenge the status quo. Ovelle Coffee strives to be an ally to the island of Jamaica working with local co-op farmers to reinvest into their farms promoting sustainability, equity and providing a diversified market.

It has not been until recently that coffee drinkers have become aware of the effect they are having on those who grow coffee. Ideas like fair trade or direct trade are relatively new and are constantly changing. Most don’t know that fair trade doesn’t always translate to the farmers on the ground. Often time the additional amount paid is kept in the hands of large estate owners and not given to the local pickers. By being a direct trade working with small co-op farmers, we know that the increased price we pay per pound goes directly to those who need it most. Not only do we have the word of our producer, but during our origin trips, we have seen our funds go to increasing production techniques and helping working conditions on the island.

Forced labor and slavery are large issues in the coffee world. Most people aren’t aware, but many countries such as Ethiopia and Brazil have deeply unfair labor practices that create mammoth exports of coffee that are hard to get away from as a coffee drinker in the first world. Yet every time a customer purchases a pound of our single origin Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM), they are supporting freedom and equality in the ever changing world of coffee. This is a need that many have when they purchase fair trade or direct trade coffee and telling our coffees story is one of the best parts of our job.

Last year, I [Sasha Fay] became a certified in roasting and and the year prior sensory skills through the Specialty Coffee Association. Continuing education is important to us as we know that to make a difference and change the status quo we must attain knowledge and share it. Ovelle Coffee is a local purveyor and importer of the treasure known as JBM. We take charge of our product from crop to cup by operating within a strongly co-ordinated value chain based on personal trust and civic interest. Through our Direct Trade partnership with local co-op farmers we offer rare JBM coffee and a unique journey into the hearts and minds of Jamaica. With this initiative we go beyond fair trade to offer our producers a fair wage for sustainability, equity and reinvestment into their farms while providing quality, vitamin rich coffee to our customers. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.


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Written by Sasha Fay

Edited by Ian Fay

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