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In the World Today: Is There Room for a Month Off?

As the 2022 holiday season came to an end and the new year was beginning, we wanted to find the time to take some time off. We contemplated taking just the first two weeks of January off but ultimately decided on the entire month. We, along with our friends and family were concerned about this decision because being a small business owner can be synonymous with do not take time off. Well, we decided to take it off anyway and it was the best decision we every made. This concept came to mind after reading about an Austrian Graphic Designer. Stefan Sagmeister, has a successful studio based in NY and takes 1 year off every 7 years. With this time of rest he and his team have managed to create some of the studios best work. To often we pigeonhole ourselves to earning but not living. This idea of rest came into full acceptance after the loss of my father in 2022, due to Covid and other health complications, I realized a life well lived is worth more than gold.

We did miss the connection with our Ovelle Fam but knew it was for the best. We did alot of living this month which gave us a well needed break. In this turbulent world and fast-paced business environment, we wondered if Ovelle Coffee would still have a place. Yes, with your love of our direct trade initiative, quality products and customer service, you made the statement loud and clear. Thank you! So now that we have gone through sharing our warm thanks for your support let’s dive into it.

Somedays we guzzled an entire pot of coffee and some days we swore it off. Typically that one cup in the morning got us up and ready each day. Ready enough to see a broadway show out in the city, visit the Brooklyn Museum, meet up with friends/family and enjoyed some cajun style food at the Lowerline. The Broadway musical we viewed was not exactly what we expected but it was fun to be out in the city. The Brooklyn Museum which featured exhibits from the fashion houses of Mugler and Louis Vuitton‘s and Off White’s Virgil Abloh were worth the experience. Though Virgil Abloh’s exhibit shared some of his finally work, it was spectular, full of color and life as well as challenging the meaning of streetwear. Vibrant is the word that I would give to sum up the exhibit. If you are in Brooklyn go see it before it close and enjoy!

Watch video to see some pieces from Virgil Abloh’s Exhibit

Some scenes from the Mugler Exhibit in this video

The museum fascination continued back in CT as we shared in the enjoyment of the Fired Up Exhibit at the Wadsworth Atheneum (which ends Feb. 5, 2023 ). The textures, design and creation of intricate details were exquisite so much so that we ended up getting a membership. Joining as a member felt like we were renewing our love for Museums and Art.

Image taken by the Wadsworth Museum

The expression of art for us did not end at the museum Ian and I both celebrated birthdays in January, hung out with friends and family. In our together time we made music, some of you may know that Ian is also an artist and plays multiple instruments such as guitar, piano and harp to name a few. The instruments made it fun when we co-wrote some songs, I have at least one song completed but Ian is currently working on creating his first album, so visit for more.

Try out our guessing game below! I took this photo at the Wadsworth Atheneum

Do you know what bag of coffee is below?

  • Ovelle Ovation Blend coffee

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

  • Studio 85 Blend coffee

  • The Royal Blend coffee

Of course we would find the room with all of the coffee making tools

It wasn’t all play, we did a lot of brainstorming and planning for the year ahead. We have some new and exciting things that we are adding to share with all of you. Such as new products, coffee blends, and connecting with our producer to order more Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. It has been an amazing month off and we are so excited to be back and know that we still hold a special place in your heart. Stay tuned for more to come in 2023 and all the things we have in store!

What we learned in a Month!

We learned to live more, work hard and enjoy the present moment while planning for the future. We learned to reflect on the past but not to remain there and to create some of the best things that we can and share it with others because you never know who may need what you have to offer. We hope you enjoyed our journey and will continue to offer the world’s best and rarest coffee to you. Thanks for choosing to drink Ovelle!

The Studio 85 Blend was created in 2022 in honor of my dad, also a taylor, investor and huge supporter for Ovelle Coffee. He created some of our custom t-shirts, burlap bags which landed him to be featured in our Hartford Courant article. Enjoy this espresso roast!

Writer Ovelle Fay

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