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Not a Value Chain, A Human Chain

Here at Ovelle Coffee we believe in knowing who you do business with. Knowing not just their name and address, but who they are, what they believe in. That's why we partner with the Jamaican Coffee Growers Association.

First formed in 1997 with the intent to help local farmers obtain the best price at market for their crop, it has since taken on a more sales oriented standpoint. "We are the new kid on the block. Starbucks and UCC (Ueshima Coffee Co) don't buy from us, but we produce good coffee. We are sanctioned by JACRA. (The Jamaican Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority)"

President of the JCGA Donald Salmon has more to say about business, "There are no bosses on my farm, it's all family, I listen with an open mind." President since 2013, Donald is "big on the case to diversify the market we can't be selling our coffee to one market", referring to the fact that Japan buys 70% of Jamaica's coffee.

Many people don't know the story behind creating this cult coffee, the competition between big estates and small farmers is something that many simply take for granted. But it doesn't have to be. That's why we at Ovelle Coffee, like Donald, "Try to make people see what they didn't see before."

Ovelle Coffee:

Coffee is a drink that could best be summed up in a cup. But we want to go a little further than that, we want to show the unique history

and stories that make up what is called coffee.

Click the image above for our free eBook! It is a collection of writings by those involved in the Ovelle Coffee Co. It is a story that is personal and full of love, one that we know you will enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

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