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Blood! Help Blood!

Updated: May 29, 2021

" Grab the limb!" And since every part of the coffee tree appeared all limbs and no trunk, I thought how easy to help hoist my baby sister onto one.

Immediately Flapsi and the limb came down spreading me out flat onto my back. Ripened berries with some green ones lay scattered with some bunched around my head. One had even gotten in my nose, and with the limb and my sister pressing down on top of me, my breath was coming now in stabbing gasps of pain. Then I looked at my sister for help. And saw

red drops I had thought was coffee berry juices was really blood.

"Blood! Help! Blood!" I screamed in terror...


Story continues in Blog titled: Climbing Coffee Bushed (coming soon!)

Author: Tesse Savage

Writer for Ovelle Coffee


Social Media:

Instagram: Ovellecoffee

Youtube: Ovellecoffee

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