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Forest Bathing at Coffee Break

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

We walked the trail Ian and I with him being the quicker. Him having been born and grown up in the mountain, naturally took the call of the forest in his stride. Soon he had become a blur of human energy weaving and bobbing among the trees. A partly reared city girl myself, I paused to take in all the smells, sounds, stillness colors, breezes, insects, small animals and a turtle, a barbarian shield lookalike amour heavy on its back trying to cross the pathway.

Slowly I began to experience the release of tensions and stresses as we traveled deeper into the interior. Shouting out to each other sometimes, and even laughing freely at a dragonfly buzzing a secluded cluster of flowers, happily situated off the path and above a rivulet.

Feeling more relaxed now, and having a sense of being bathed and soothed by the forest, soon engulfed me. The feeling was startlingly wonderful and bereft of thoughts of any modernities

Pulled to the gigantic tree before me, I reached out touching its gnarled fissures of a trunk. It's reciprocating effect felt like it was embracing me with all the information of earth and atmosphere coming through its roots and leaves. I was left feeling stupendously a pathos and inextricably held tight.

My name called out by my husband then and I turned my head towards him letting go of the tree.

Wobbly and shaken I continued following behind filled with the wonder of gibberish

Finally, we left the forest and settled down in our car, regenerated and fresh relishing the silken coat flow of Ovelle Coffee flowing warm and sweet down our throats. We will continue this forest bathing soon.

Writer: Tesse Savage

Writer for Ovelle Coffee

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