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The Origin Trip to Jamaica

Ovelle Coffee presents The Origin Trip. While in Jamaica we had the opportunity to see coffee cherries first hand for the first time. We started our company in 2020 and were unable to meet our producer due to the locked down. Years later we made it to the beautiful island of Jamaica.

The smile says it all, elation, joy and appreciation for the love that goes into the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee crop.

In heights of 4845 ft above sea level, hand picked coffee cherries slipped through my finger tips and into the palm of my hand. At that moment, I felt an ancestral connection that I am proud of. Here at Ovelle Coffee we have become apart of bridging the gap of Jamaican culture that is not widely known along with supporting local Jamaican Farmers through our Direct Trade initiative.

Having a Direct Trade with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee growers allows them to cut out the middle man and secure the best price to continue a tradition and passion that has been established since the 1720s.

Here at Ovelle Coffee we want to show you Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from our point of view. Stay tuned for more.

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