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"Ovelle Coffee is not only some of the world's best coffee but a family heritage we bring to Connecticut."

"Sustainability, quality produce and fair wages for local Jamaican Blue Mountain  Farmers is what Ovelle Coffee offers."


Direct Trade Initiative

Read the entire interactive article, sharing Kevin’s story of how coffee has changed his life and the impact of Direct Trade on the coffee industry.

Coffee Recipes

Ovelle Ovation Blend.png


“Love the coffee and the owners are so knowledgeable and fun to talk with!”

— Jill H.



“We love the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee we purchased!””

— Susan S.


Pair this delicious Studio 85 espresso blend coffee with your home espresso machine. 

Enjoy each sip of Chocolate, Brown Sugar and Sweet Red Currants.


The Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Ovelle Coffee Fact:

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is grown at elevations up to 6,000 feet above sea level and grown in Volcanic soil.

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